Android 12L Will Fix Bothersome Bug With Wallpaper That Has Closed Games


Android 12 is a robust update with several new additions including Material You, a dynamic themed interface that allows the user to customize their device as they wish, as well as refreshed widgets and privacy improvements. Recently, the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 appeared in a leak with Android 12 in Geekbench’s benchmark test.

One of these bugs in particular has been frustrating gamers and is related to the dynamic theme engine and persists. The device will restart all activities if the wallpaper is changed, causing games to be ended when the theme automatically changes. This is because Material You uses wallpaper colors to create the themes and apply them. Games like Call of Duty: Mobile, Pokémon Go, PUGB Mobile and Genshin Impact are some of the games affected by the issue

The bug was first reported in September on Google’s issue tracker and even after several updates it has not been fixed. According to Mishaal Rahman, the problem will be solved once and for all on Android 12L, making wallpaper changes not start changing themes or force the restart of activities, preventing the closing of applications.

Android 12L is expected to solve several Android 12 issues beyond this one. Google just released the first preview version of Android 12L aimed at developers. Testing with the operating system is scheduled to start in December and last until February and the release of the final version is scheduled for 2022. Until then, you can solve the problem by changing your wallpaper to a static one.

Are you looking forward to using Android 12L and testing all its features?