Android 12L Preview Is Now Available On Lenovo Tab P12 Pro


Android 12: Lenovo has released the first developer preview of Android 12L for its Lenovo Tab P12 Pro tablets. Developers and the curious can now download the system update specially designed for devices with larger screens such as folding tablets and smartphones from the Lenovo website.

It is common to see issues with aspect ratio and resizing of UI items on both tablets and smartphones with folding screens when using in portrait mode. The special version of Android 12 focuses on optimizing this experience when the device is being used “sideways”.

Not for everyone

Despite being available to all Lenovo Tab P12 Pro owners who are interested in testing the new system, the update is only recommended for developers and brings a number of limitations, including the absence of the following functions:

fingerprint unlocking and facial biometrics
Various Stylus Pen Functions
Two-finger multitouch functions (zoom)
Three- and four-finger multitouch functions (swipe)
screen mirroring via Miracast
screen mirroring via Intel WiDi (Wireless Display)

Furthermore, screen sharing functions are also with limited support and only operating in “Desktop Mode”; the VPN function has also not been tested.

Users who decide to test the Android 12L can request a return to the latest official and stable version of the system through Lenovo’s support tool and the company warns that the rollback implies the total loss of all user data.