Android 12: you can tell which apps can consume internet


A set of codes recently found in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) indicates that a long-awaited function may be arriving in Android 12. The Google operating system may soon receive a feature that will allow the user autonomy to control internet access on their applications. XDA Developers, responsible for the discovery, said that it is not a firewall as desired by many fans, but that it still has “interesting implications”.

The feature, still without a defined name, is called by developers “restricted network mode” and functions as a type of limited airplane mode. It will allow the user to select a set of applications that will maintain access to the internet after activation, while the rest will be offline.

However, “restricted network mode” appears to be available only for system applications or directly installed by cell phone manufacturers. It is not yet officially known how Google will develop the function, its location within the system interface or whether other mode settings will be implemented in the future. The novelty should appear in the next test versions of Android 12, expected for next February.


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