Android 12 Wins 2nd Beta With New Privacy Features


Android 12: Google released this Wednesday (9) the download of the second beta of Android 12 for developers. The new test version of the operating system offers privacy features, including a dashboard with lots of detailed information about what apps are having access to.

The software was officially unveiled last month at the Google I/O event. Among the new features, it has a redesigned interface, widgets and various features that range from improving battery life to using the cell phone as a remote control for Android TV.

In the second beta, the connections area was redesigned to make the experience more intuitive and informative. According to Google, the redesign makes it easier for people to solve connectivity issues (Wi-Fi, bluetooth, NFC, etc.) in a less complex way, since everything has been grouped together.

The new test version of the operating system also gained a notification that warns when applications are accessing something from the clipboard. Notifications are only not shown if the access is not carried out by another application, other than the original one.

Android 12 Beta 2 also has a tool that indicates when an app is using cell phones’ cameras and microphones. The status bar with this information can be configured in the management options and serves for the user to take care of the permissions that the programs will have.

Finally, the main new feature is the privacy dashboard. The dashboard, which had already been released by the tech giant, gives visibility into all the data the apps are accessing. In addition, the tool shows a timeline indicating which programs have recently used the microphone, camera or location, for example.

Tests and final version

Although focused on developers, Android 12 Beta 2 can be downloaded and used by users who have devices such as ZenFone 8, Vivo iQOO 7Legend, Mi 11, Mi 11 Ultra, Pixel 4 and Pixel 5.

Google expects the operating system to reach “Platform Stability” in beta version 4, which will be released on August 4, 2021. The final version of the software will arrive sometime later in the year, with no set date.