Android 12 Will Notify When Apps Use Camera and Microphone


Android 12: In addition to bringing a major design overhaul, Android 12 will feature a function that will show when an app is using the smartphone’s microphone or camera. The novelty is similar to what already exists in iOS 14 and promises to bring more transparency in privacy issues.

According to Android Police, the function is not yet available on the system, which was released in a previous version recently. However, Google has confirmed that it will bring the novelty in the second beta of Android 12.

The new version of the operating system will display a camera and microphone symbol on the top bar of the screen when the features are in use. In addition to advising the user on the capture of sound and image, the tool will bring quick management options to avoid using the sensors.

According to official images, the user will be able to open the notification bar and temporarily disable access to the camera and microphone with just one click. The function even allows you to remove access for applications that were granted the privilege at the time of installation.

Google also reports that a window requesting access to the camera and microphone will be displayed again if the application needs the functions.

More privacy features

In addition to facilitating access management for camera and microphone, Android 12 will also feature a “privacy center”. The interface will show, in detail, which apps can access cell phone functions.

The panel displays how many applications have access to the microphone, camera, location and other tools. The interface shows which features have been most used by applications in the past 24 hours and allows you to manage access to functions quickly.

Another privacy feature that is on the way is enhanced location. Android 12 will allow the user to choose whether to share their location in an accurate or approximate way for each application.

As the first test of Android 12 has just been released, the trend is that Beta 2 still takes time to arrive with the new privacy functions. In the meantime, check out which phones have already received the OS preview.


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