Android 12 Will Make it Easier to Update Apps Outside The Play Store


Android 12: After companies like Epic Games complained about Google’s approach to installing apps outside the Play Store, the company announced that it will make changes to Android 12. According to the web giant, the new version of the system will be more user-friendly with third-party app stores. and make it easier to update external applications.

The novelty was revealed in the official presentation post of Android 12 and detailed on the system development website. According to Google, the practice of using stores other than the Play Store is already common and OS users tend to have at least two places to download apps on their phones.

According to the company, developers have listened to user complaints and Android 12 will bring changes that will make it easier to install apps inside third-party stores, such as the Epic Games Store. The company said it will share more details on the subject in the future, but some information has already revealed what updates to external applications should look like in the new edition of the operating system.

Automatic updates

The Android 12 development documentation has details indicating that external apps can gain automatic updates. The new system will bring about a change in the update installation manager, which currently requires user interactions that make the application look suspicious.

According to the documentation, Android 12 will identify when an app is trusted and the user will not need to provide special permissions to update the store or apps downloaded by the program. To gain the trust of the system, developers will need to use a Google API and meet other parameters, listed on the official OS website.

The trend is that more improvements to facilitate competition on Android will be presented soon. Apple is currently facing an Epic games lawsuit for keeping iOS closed to other companies and the fight could affect Google if changes do not occur in the operating system.


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