Android 12 Will Ban Third-Party Apps From Sharing Menu


Android 12: Android’s Sharesheet interface – that menu that appears when you use the share option within an app – presents an unstable interface, depending on the app it’s used in. In fact, this is because Google doesn’t have a standardized UI rule, requiring the use of third-party applications like Sharedr to give some sort of consistency to the menu.

However, functionality will be blocked from Android 12 onwards, as disclosed by the developer of Sharedr on the app’s website. According to him, the new version of the operating system will “block third-party applications in the sharing option”. This way, your app was effectively banned from the menu.

After complaining, the developer received a response in which Google acknowledges that “we actually never intended to allow apps to override the sharing dialog”. In the text, the search giant makes it clear that it will not be possible for third-party applications to implement any form of sharing from the UI.

The Sharesheet on Android 12

In other words, you can still use Sharedr or other similar apps to change the Sharesheet, but it’s quite possible that they won’t work correctly since they can’t be set as default. While it’s not clear whether the move will affect OEM developers, notably Samsung and LG, it appears that Google is looking to definitively resolve this Android visual issue.

However, the measure is still a tremendous disincentive for application developers who often make high investments to supplement failures of large companies. Hopefully, by barring third-party access to the Sharesheet, Google may offer a more attractive option.