Android 12: what we know about Google’s mobile software


Android 11 has not yet arrived for the entire base of upgradeable phones and several companies still follow their operating system update schedule. Samsung, Nokia, Sony and Realme, for example, already have an update schedule for their smartphones, while other manufacturers also occasionally release the new version for their respective models.

However, this does not prevent Google from working on future versions of the software and that is exactly what the Search Giant has been doing. Android 12 is getting closer and closer, and the company will soon be able to release the first previous version of the operating system to application developers for its platform.

With that, it is natural that every day there are reports of possible features that may debut on cell phones with the arrival of Android 12. So here we prepare a compilation of everything we already know about the software and what are the news that are supposed to be available in his debut.

It is important to note, however, that the information we have so far is only rumors and the American company may or may not implement it in the new software. Still, it’s good to have a basis for what to expect. Check, now, what are the possible new features of Android 12 and other curiosities that we already know about the new version:

Simplified download of emoji packs

Something very uncomfortable for those who like to use a lot of emojis in conversations is the fact that the new packages launched by the Unicode Consortium only reach cell phones after new software updates. This can be particularly annoying for those who have a smartphone that does not receive updates regularly.

With Android 12 this may change, since Google intends to change the directory where the new packages are installed. The files will migrate from a system partition to a data partition so that they can be installed without the need for a software update.