Android 12 update schedule announced


The update schedule for the new version of Google’s popular mobile operating system Android has been announced. The developer beta 1 version released today for the Android 12 interface and features has also been released.

For now, the first visible detail is that the notifications that change with each Android update offer multiple visual changes instead of functional changes in Android 12.

Android 12 update schedule

Similar to last year, Google divides versions into sections. The top three Android 12 builds from February to April are classified as developer previews. According to this;

February-April 2021

– Developer Preview 1: First core build focused on developer feedback with new features, APIs and behavior changes.

– Developer Preview 2: Upcoming update with additional features, APIs and behavior changes.

– Developer Preview 3: Update to be released for stability and performance.

In May, Android 12 Beta will be available as an OTA update for easier and general installation. Google seems to have added an extra beta version coming in August this year.

May-August 2021

– Beta 1: The first beta quality release will come for Android Beta signers and early adopters.

– Beta 2-3: New Beta quality version.

– Beta 4: Platform stabilization, final APIs and Google Play approvals.

– Candidate version (Candidate): The last beta version before the full release.

September 2021 (according to estimates)

– Latest version: Android 12 is included in the ecosystem.

This final beta version will be released as a “Platform Stability” version that allows developers to start final testing a few weeks before the official release.


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