Android 12 should bring improved PiP mode


Still without official confirmation by Google, Android 12 has already been a prominent subject on the internet due to the various leaks disclosed by the XDA Developers website. With extensive coverage of the new robot system, the developer portal has already confirmed the internal code of Android 12, Snow Cone, brought details of the interface redesign and its new “Material NEXT”, in addition to indicating that we will see a way of native hand.

Because XDA Developers has just released more news, this time related to Picture-in-Picture mode and some more Android features. As you can see from the first leaks, and even earlier, during the test versions of Android 11, Google has been integrating more and more features found in partner interfaces like Xiaomi and Samsung. Let’s go to the most recent ones:

Enhanced PiP mode

Added with the debut of Android 8.0 Oreo, the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode allows the playback of videos in small windows throughout the system. With each new version of Android, PiP has received improvements, the most recent being the possibility to scale the window size by dragging one of its points in or out.

In Android 12, Google will add the pinch gesture to facilitate manipulation of the size, as well as two taps to vary between the maximum size and that defined by the user, with smooth animation during the transitions. Another novelty is the “stashing” function, which allows you to temporarily hide the PiP window at the edges of the screen, simply by dragging it to the corner. From there, you can change the side on which the video is hidden and exit the mode with just one touch.


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