Android 12: see what themes are based on wallpapers


Google recently launched the first preview of Android 12 and a developer was able to activate the wallpaper-based themes feature. Using reverse engineering, a Twitter user identified as “kdrag0n” was able to access the function and shared photos showing the news.

The images shared on the social network show different variations of the dynamic themes of Android 12. The function is based on the wallpaper, adapting the colors of the icons and interfaces to match the wallpaper.

The tool changes the look of the notification bar, quick access and the volume interface. Changes are also applied to the phone’s menus, such as the settings.

The function also subtly changes the phone’s lock screen. As the images show, the quick notification bar that appears on the blocked display gains a background color inspired by the wallpaper.

According to the user who shared the images, the wallpaper-based themes tool is currently called “Monet”. The function’s code name is certainly inspired by the French artist Claude Monet, but the nomenclature must be changed until the final release of the system.

Google recently released the first preview of Android 12 for developers. In addition to themes based on wallpapers, the novelties already discovered include a new notification system and more options for the dark theme.

Android 12 should be released in full only in the second half of the year, but Google will release more news and updated versions of the previous edition of the system in the coming months.


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