Android 12: see how the new Robot interface can be


The Android 12 preview for developers brought information about a major visual overhaul of the Google Operating System Settings app. With that, the concept should be applied to other applications.

Based on the leaked images of the design pattern guide called “Material Next”, 9to5 Google created previews with possible updates from Gmail, Play Store and other apps. Remembering that mockups are not the definitive look of programs.

In general, the basic applications of Android 12 can gain a similar look to Samsung’s One UI. On the other hand, Next Material’s design changes focus on using the device with just one hand.

That way, apps should get a banner at the top that occupies a third of the screen. In addition, as 9to5 Google imagines, it should present thicker items and reduce the “content density” or useful information on the screen.

Again, it is important to note that the visuals of Android 12 are not definitive. That’s because Google makes several changes before releasing the final version to users.

In addition, developers can make their own choices. Therefore, apps created by third parties can follow a different visual line from the Next Material proposal.

One-off changes

The mockups of 9to5 Google indicate specific changes in certain apps. For example, Gmail should bring the search bar in a “rounded rectangle” format, while the Google account avatar is “floating” in the upper right corner.

The Play Store will be the application that must undergo the greatest transformation. With this, the “drawer menu” can be replaced by an options menu that will appear when the user clicks on the avatar.

The Contacts application will be one of the softwares that will have the look that prioritizes the use of the device with just one hand. Meanwhile, Files will benefit from thicker items and less on-screen information.


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