Android 12 preview changes the color of the PIN alert


The preview of Android 12 for developers brought several new features, but one of them will make life easier for many users. The operating system will now show a red notification to enter the password after restarting the device.

Out of habit, many people try to unlock their phone using the fingerprint reader right after turning it on. Previously, a blank and noteworthy warning reminded you of having to enter the PIN after restarting the device.

Despite being a very simple change, the change in the color of the notification catches the attention of users before making a movement that has become natural. As well, this will prevent them from always repeating the same mistake when turning on cell phones.

These small usability adjustments make a difference in the long run. Perhaps the detail does not affect most Android smartphone owners, but it is something that is being praised by developers.

According to 9to5Google, changing the colors does not seem to be a definite thing. For now, it was seen only in versions 1 and 1.1 of the Android 12 preview. However, this indicates that Google is still testing the simple novelty.

Android 12 preview version 1.1 fixes

The North American website points out that version 1.1 of the Android 12 preview fixed certain bugs related to the fingerprint reader. According to them, several members of the team had problems with the feature while trying the trial version.

In most cases, the sensor would stop responding when the cell phone screen was off. Then, the user was obliged to use another method of unlocking.

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The problem that restarted devices when they were unlocked using the PIN has also been fixed. As well, the bug that caused smartphones to restart intermittently has been solved.


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