Android 12: new preview reveals interface with rounded lines


Android 12: Google released the third version of the Android 12 preview to developers on Wednesday (21). First impressions bring a great redesign of design with more rounded details and other news.

For example, the new preview adds animations for smoother transitions across the operating system. In addition, it is possible to identify minor adjustments to the interface of the new Android.

Visual changes can be noticed in different parts of the Android 12 preview. When you open the app drawer on the home screen or the multitasking manager, you can see more rounded corners at the top.

As seen in a recently leaked version, the volume slider has been redesigned and is similar to the brightness adjustment feature. In the vertical pill format, it is filled with the accent color and indicates the current volume level.

The folders on the home screen of the Android 12 preview also appear with more rounded lines. Likewise, the visual concept of the pill has been replicated in text tools and context menus.

All of this makes it clear that Google is working to create a renewed standard for the next Android interface. Soon, users will bid farewell to the square look of the operating system.

More changes on the way

Despite major visual changes, there are still several changes on the way. In this third preview, for example, the Google Assistant transcript button still appears with the more square, traditional look of the old Android versions.

It is possible to state that all the settings of the Android 12 interface are not yet complete. Thus, more visual novelties should appear in the beta version of the Robot scheduled to be launched during the Google I / O event in May.


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