Android 12 may reduce space available for underused apps


The developer version of Android 12 is expected to be revealed by Google in the early months of 2021 and one of the functions that may appear in the operating system has been found by XDA Developers. The site discovered a tool called “app hibernation” that is supposed to help save storage space on your phone.

The function was found in the open source version of Android with only a brief description. According to the information, the system identifies when the app is not used frequently and decreases the storage occupied on the smartphone.

“The system service manages the application’s hibernation state,” explains the description. “It means that apps are not being used actively and can be optimized for storage.”

To date, Google has not officially commented on the matter and we have no extra details about the app hibernation function. It is not yet clear whether the tool will act automatically and put all inactive applications to sleep or if the user will have the option to choose which programs can be compressed by the function.

Anyway, the trend is that the function is useful to guarantee more gigabytes of free space on cell phones with reduced storage. Some manufacturers even ship apps on the custom Android interfaces that cannot be uninstalled and hibernation can help lessen the damage from this inconvenience.

In addition to the tool to hibernate applications, Android 12 can also have a new structure to facilitate system updates. According to details that emerged last year, the company would be developing a solution that would allow major OS updates to be released through the Play Store.


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