Android 12 makes the search option more detailed!


Android 12 comes with many innovations. One of them, the new detailed search option, appeared on Google Pixel phones.


While some Android device manufacturers add system-wide search to their devices, this is not part of the underlying operating system. It looks like the current situation is about to change with Android 12. Because although this option is not officially available on the market yet, it came to Pixel phones with the beta 4 update. Still, the company continues to work on it, as it has shortcomings.

The feature that comes with Android 12 makes your search easier

The feature that comes with the current Android 12 beta 4 version is currently only used in the application menu. The widget on the home screen still has the old option. This feature allows the keyboard to open automatically every time you open the application menu. Thus, it allows you to find what you are looking for easily and quickly.

When we look at the video, we see that the keyboard is automatically active when the menu with the applications is opened. This shows that the user does not need to open the keyboard additionally. Thus, he can easily access an application that he wants to reach the result quickly.

Not only that, you can also determine which result will appear first when you click on a letter. For example, you can have the Calendar application appear first in the search results instead of the Phone.

You can search 4 sections at the same time throughout the system

System-wide search on the device; It includes shortcuts, contacts, settings and tips. Of course, if there is a category in the results that you do not want, you have the freedom to turn it off. It looks like Google is planning to add more categories when we look at it.

There is a way to enable this system-wide search. However, it is only used on Rooted Pixel phones. For this, you need to have the Magisk module of the developer named kdrag0n. Only people who have supported the developer on Patreon have access to this.

What do you think about the detailed search system that will come with Android 12? Do you think it will provide additional convenience? Do not forget to share your ideas with us in the comments section.


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