Android 12 Lets You Control Mobile With Facial Expressions


The fourth test version of Android 12 began to be available last Wednesday (11) and brought the 12.0.0 beta of the Accessibility Pack to the operating system, adding device control through facial expressions.

The new feature, called “Camera Switches” – Camera Controls in free translation – uses the equipment’s front camera to detect the user’s gaze and recognize different reactions.

Making the device easier to use

Gestures perform specific actions on the smartphone, such as opening the mouth to return to the home page, and can be assigned to different activities, including accessing the notification window, selecting different icons, scrolling pages, among others.

The list of gestures consists of opening your mouth, smiling, raising your eyebrows, looking to the right, left and up. It is also possible to customize each action, assigning “size” and duration. Check out an example in the image below.

According to the XDA Developers portal, the updated version of the Accessibility Pack is not exclusive to Android 12. Although it is not yet available on the Google Play Store, it is possible to download the app through APKMirror. Finally, the user can just wait for the release of the stable version of the new Android or test the operating system’s beta; see more details and supported devices on the Google website.


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