Android 12: Google works to improve split-screen mode


While some smartphones receive the lagged Android 10, others are upgraded to version 11 of the system. However, despite all this fragmentation, Google is already developing the future Android 12.

This is evident in the amount of rumors and even leaks of resources that will be added to the software. This time, the folks at 9to5Google revealed another novelty that the search giant plans to introduce on Android 12.

Realizing that smartphone displays are bigger, Google wants to reformulate the new system’s split-screen mode. The intention is to facilitate access to the resource by offering the “App Pairs” mode.

Currently, the process of opening two split-screen applications is more complex. With the App Pairs, the user will be able to group two applications through the taskbar and create shortcuts so that these apps can be launched quickly when necessary.

In addition to allowing quick triggering of the split screen mode, Google also wants to improve the way these applications are displayed on larger displays. Therefore, the user can drag the divider so that the application he wants to use is displayed in full screen without closing the resource.

Another important detail is that double tapping the divider should make the system switch applications more easily. For now, Google has not yet confirmed the veracity of the leak.

Even so, we already know that the first beta for developers of Android 12 should be released in February. Rumors indicate that the software must also meet users’ wishes and introduce the system update via Play Store.


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