Android 12: Google Play Services gains option to delete ad ID to ensure greater privacy


In August 2021 Google Play Services stopped supporting Android Jelly Bean devices and now another new feature has arrived in Google’s service structure on Android 12: the option to delete your advertising ID to ensure more privacy when exiting the program of ad personalization.



For your better understanding, the Google Play Services advertising ID is used to deliver useful ads and prevent fraud on your account. Previously you could just turn off this data collection, but now you can delete this ID to ensure even more privacy for your account.

The option to delete the advertising ID will be available for all devices running Android 12. To delete the ID, just access:

  • Settings > Privacy > Advanced > Ads on your Android Device > Clear Ad ID

Image: @panduu221/XDA

According to XDA, the new option is available to some users and is being enabled by Google’s servers, so you need to have Google Play Services 21.36.14 or newer installed on your Android 12 phone.

This is to say that deleting the ad ID does not hide ads in the apps, it just fails to collect information about your usage, which is used to determine which ads might be of interest to you. As a result, displayed ads tend to be less useful.

It’s important to remember that certain apps may ask for permission to track your usage through cookies or other data collection methods to determine which ads to display.

In addition, it is also possible to generate a new advertising ID from the same menu, but the personalization might take some time to collect enough data to generate relevant ads.


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