Android 12 Gains New Features for People With Disabilities; Check Out


Android 12: Google announced on Wednesday (19) the new accessibility features for people with disabilities in Android 12. The information was revealed during the Google I / O event, which ends tomorrow (20). According to the company, all changes were designed according to the opinions and suggestions of users.

New Features

The tool called TalkBack allows users to control the phone without having to look at the device. That’s because the new screen reader understands new movements. Thus, a visually impaired person does not need to access several menus and tabs of the interface to simply pause a song, for example. Just double-tap the screen. In addition, the new system now offers two new languages ​​for Braille, Spanish and Arabic.

The company also introduced a new “window” magnifier. The feature will allow the user to enlarge only a part of the screen, instead of the whole image, as currently occurs.

To make audio more accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing, the company has improved the features of instant transcription and sound notifications. With the update, users will be alerted if the phone detects critical sounds, such as a fire alert, for example.

In addition, a feature has also been added in which the user can add specific sounds, such as his home bell. Thus, it will be notified through push notifications, flashing light or smartphone vibration.

Another new feature of the system is the Sound Amplifier. With it, the user will be able to listen to live conversations, reduce the ambient noise and increase the other person’s voice. The feature can be used with headphones via Bluetooth. Finally, the company also made the shortcut to access the accessibility tab simpler. Now, just click on the button with the “plus” symbol (+) in the corner of the screen.


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