Android 12: discover 6 new features of the Robot


The Android 12 preview for developers has been released and introduced several significant changes. Although far from the final form of Google’s operating system, they promise to improve the experience for many users.

Next, check out six new features found by Mishaal Rahman of XDA Developers.

New theme system

Android 12 has a theme system that lets the user select a wallpaper and the software automatically chooses an appropriate color for the interface. It will be applied to the notification panel, lock screen and sections of the Settings app.

A native tool of Pixel smartphones, the Scrolling Screenshot expands the screen capture selection area. Despite appearing unstable in the preview of Android 12, this should be improved in the final version of the operating system.

Android 12 will allow you to adjust the size of the Picture-In-Picture windows by making pinch gestures on the display. It will also be possible to hide the player on one side of the screen without closing it completely.

Camera and Microphone Lock

Still in the testing phase, Android 12 may have shortcuts to block the use of the camera and microphone in all apps. When this feature is inactive, the system will display a notification whenever the camera and microphone are in use.

Adjusting the color brightness

For visually impaired users, a new accessibility feature will allow you to adjust the brightness and intensity of a given color on the screen. You can also create a shortcut to activate this setting quickly.

Finally, Android 12 will have One-Handed Mode to make it easier to use devices with just one hand. When activating the option, the interface will decrease the display on the X and Y axes. Apparently, it will also be compatible with third-party apps.


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