Android 12 dark theme will no longer be completely black


Following the launch of Android 12 in its version for developers, advanced users and enthusiasts have ventured into the operating system still in the testing phase to find new features and changes. Among the new discoveries, there is a small change that may displease the most demanding: the dark theme present in Android 12 will no longer be entirely black.

In addition to the slight aesthetic change, changing the dark theme on Android 12 may mean a small but considerable reduction in battery autonomy for devices with AMOLED or OLED screens. This is due to the way the technology reacts to the display of images on the cell phone display, individually lighting each pixel to represent only “non-black” parts. In this way, parts that previously had “absolute black” as a color effectively saved energy by requiring fewer lit pixels.

In technical terms, Android 12 abandoned traditional black, with Hex code “# 000000”, to adopt a dark blue tone, specifically “# 171c21” – the change, however, should go unnoticed by most users. The accent colors, present in the notification bar icons, appear to have not been changed.

However, it is not yet confirmed whether the change is permanent, is part of the dynamic interface mode of the operating system or is just one among other available themes. Due to the premature state of Android 12, still in development, many functions may change until the announcement of its launch, expected only in September – if Google chooses to follow the previous calendars.

Similarly, it is possible that major cellphone manufacturers, such as Samsung and Xiaomi, develop their own solutions for the new dark theme within their customized interfaces.

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