Android 12 can receive use mode for a hand natively


Android 12 can make native another function that is already common in modified versions of the system. According to XDA Developers, Google intends to implement a reduced screen usage mode in the next version of the smartphone operating system.

According to the website, Google is working to implement the novelty in the operating system AOSP (Android Open Source Project). That is, the function can be used by any manufacturer that adopts the open source edition of the OS.

The codes discovered by XDA Developers do not reveal much information about what the native reduced screen mode of Android 12 will look like. However, there is not much mystery in how the accessibility tool works.

Popilar tool

One-handed use is already used by several modified Android interfaces, including solutions from manufacturers like Xiaomi, ASUS, Huawei and Oppo. The function reduces the size of the cell’s useful area by approximately 40%, which allows access to all functions shown on the display on cell phones with larger screens.

Although several manufacturers have already delivered the split screen mode, the adoption of the function natively in Android 12 can amplify the reach of the tool. The solution can consume less resources and be used by small manufacturers, in addition to appearing in cleaner distributions of the operating system.

Android 12 is expected to launch in the second half of 2021, but Google will bring more news about the system soon. Recently, a leak even revealed how the interface of the new edition of the OS for cell phones can be.

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