Android 12: big leak presents more news from the robot


Android 12: A leaked version of Android 12 was found by the XDA Developers team. Unlike the developer preview, it features more news than Google is preparing for the operating system.

According to the website, the software came from an anonymous source and has instabilities. Despite this, it was possible to observe renewed features and design adjustments in the unpublished version.

One of the novelties of the leaked version of the robot is the App Pairs feature. Inspired by the concept introduced by Samsung, it allows you to open two applications simultaneously from a shortcut and adjust the size of the windows.

Google must also enter an option to trigger the Assistant by holding the on and off button on devices. Another tool that has been applied by several smartphone manufacturers.

Regarding the interface, the new version features a new volume panel similar to the brightness slider – the one that has been slightly remodeled. Both follow the colors corresponding to the system.

Apparently, all apps will have an automatic splash screen based on the theme of the phone. This should promote a much smoother experience when opening the app, avoiding the white screens opening in the middle of the night.

New privacy features

XDA Developers has also seen changes in privacy. Now the system will notify you when an app is accessing the copied data or text, even if it is not in the foreground.

In addition, the new Android will have a location permission feature that will allow the user to have greater control over how much they want the apps to track their position. Thus, it will be possible to choose between providing approximate or accurate data.

A new preview of Android 12 for developers is expected to be available in late April. Meanwhile, the final version is expected to be released in the second half.


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