Android 12 Beta Released: Here Are The New Features


Android 12 Beta is out. Android, the world’s most common operating system and used by billions of smartphones, is developing and being renewed. Android 12, the latest version of the operating system, which is introduced by Google every year, was shown at the I / O event held today.

Here are all the innovations in the operating system Android 12 that is still in Beta and available for a limited number of devices.

Design changes from top to bottom with Android 12

Android 12, which will come with the biggest change in design in the Android ecosystem, has been almost completely renewed visually. Aiming to offer a more customizable experience this time, Google will customize your phone to suit your style with a special color palette and redesigned widgets.

Android 12, which will be able to see which colors are more dominant by scanning your wallpaper, will apply these colors harmoniously to the entire operating system. This way, the wallpaper, lock screen, volume controls, and notification bar will look much better together.

The touch and swipe actions you apply from the moment you buy an Android 12 device will allow you to feel the system more alive. The company will offer a much more vivid experience thanks to the animations applied.

Updating the notification bar and quick settings menu, the company will use a category system in the settings here, and will present more settings in less space to users. The new version, which better integrates systems such as Google Pay and Google Home, will make it easier for people who use these features.

Android will be safer

Security, which has been frequently mentioned by Apple recently, is also on the agenda of Google. Android 12 will include new features that provide more transparency as to which apps can access your data. Thanks to the new system, you will be able to decide how much private information your applications will access. The new Privacy Dashboard will help you monitor what data is accessed, how often and with which apps. Also, app permissions will be easily revoked from this dashboard.

The company will also let you know when apps access the camera and microphone, with a notification added to the top of the status bar. Partial location sharing: With Android 12, you can let apps access only approximate location information instead of your exact location. This way, you can hide your location from apps that don’t need your exact location, such as weather apps.

Android Private Compute Core: All audio and language features such as Live Caption, Smart Reply will now occur in the device’s own local memory. Your device will be completely isolated from network connections. It is also worth mentioning that the protection systems in Private Compute Core are open source and available for review.

More efficient

Android 12, which will make the system more efficient, offers a 22 percent improvement in CPU usage compared to the previous version. In this way, the operating system that is much less loaded on the hardware makes Android devices faster day by day and affordable phones that use 12 work better.


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