Android 12 Beta Hides Dedicated Gaming Mode


Android 12: The beta version of Android 12 is now available for Google’s Pixel line smartphones. With that, users are discovering certain novelties that were hidden as a dedicated mode for games.

Without the need for third-party apps, the feature allows you to take screenshots, record matches and perform live streams on YouTube. In addition, it offers extra options that enhance the gaming experience.

To activate the game mode on Android 12 Beta, the user must follow the following path: Settings> Digital Wellbeing> Do Not Disturb> Schedules. In addition to the options “Sleep” and “Events”, there is a special category for games.

When tapping the settings (gear icon), six options are presented for gamers. At the top, there are four specific buttons: screen capture, record the session, display frames per second (FPS) and Do Not Disturb mode.

Highlighted, the native tool allows you to choose which audio will be recorded (microphone, game track or both). As well as, the user can choose to show or hide touches on the screen during recording.

At the bottom, the player finds the options that allow to optimize the games and start a transmission on YouTube. According to Android Authority, the two features are not yet available to all Android 12 Beta users.

Option awaited by mobile gamers

With the growth of the smartphone gamers segment, manufacturers are including a dedicated mode for games on their devices. However, these features were not native to Android.

Rumors about the option emerged in February of this year after the release of the Android 12 preview for developers. Therefore, it is possible that it will stop being a hidden tool when the final version becomes available in the second semester.


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