Android 12: 10 New Native Features Of The Operating System


Android 12: The stable version of Android 12 is finally being made available to Google Pixel phone owners and is expected to arrive for more devices soon. As expected, the new mobile operating system has several unheard of native features.

Next, get to know 10 functions that will make a difference in the day-to-day of those who have an Android-based cell phone. What’s new will also be available in future OS editions released by other smartphone manufacturers.

1. Screenshot with scroll

Scrolling screenshot has become a native feature of Android 12. To record menus and entire web pages, simply use the printscreen command (on button + volume down button) and tap the “Capture” option on the thumbnail in the corner bottom left of the screen.

2. Broader research

In addition to searching the internet, the operating system’s new search box looks for installed apps, phonebook contacts, snippets of conversations and various other device information. For privacy reasons, the user can choose what will be presented in the survey.

3. New privacy settings

Android 12 also has more security and privacy features. By accessing the “Privacy” menu in the settings, users can check which permissions were in use in the last 24 hours and what data was used by each application.

4. Easy access to passwords

Android 12 has a built-in password manager. In the new “Passwords” menu, available in the settings, it is possible to consult the active logins on the device and share data with other password management apps.

5. Optimization for games

Following the lead of cell phone manufacturers, Android 12 has a dedicated gaming mode. In addition to optimizing the device’s hardware performance, the option allows you to record matches and block notifications.

6. Custom Themes

Increasing the level of customization, the Material You design is one of the highlights of the OS. With smoother animations and rounded corners, you can choose a color palette for icons, menus and fonts depending on the tones of your wallpaper.

To perform the customization, just access “Settings” and choose a new wallpaper. Then, you can make several style changes and leave the device with a unique face.

7. New shortcuts for quick settings

Quick settings, available by swiping down the screen with two fingers, gained more features. By tapping the pen icon in the lower left corner, you can create shortcuts to access smart home gadgets.

8. Turn off camera and microphone with one touch

Quick settings include shortcuts to disable cameras and microphone with just one tap. Android 12 also notifies you when these features are in use by an app.

9. Fast switching Wi-Fi networks

Unlike previous versions, Android 12 makes it easy to switch between Wi-Fi networks. Just open quick settings and tap the internet option to see available wireless networks.

10. Extra dark mode

Another shortcut to quick settings is extra dark mode. Regardless of the device’s brightness level, the option dims the screen even more, making it a great feature in low-light environments.

Which Android 12 new are you looking forward to using? Tell us in the comments.


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