Android 11 Will Warn You When You Put The Phone Into The Wireless Charger Wrong


A new feature of Android 11 was released, which released its first developer preview last week. Google’s new generation operating system warns users if the phone is placed incorrectly on the wireless charger.

Wireless charging technology, which first said hello to the mobile world in 2015, is one of the most determining factors in the competition among smart phones today. Based on this, Google will offer a new feature on wireless charging on Android 11 to improve the wireless charging experience to some extent.

A Reddit user named Jotafett discovered in Android’s developer preview that there is a new feature that alerts and helps users if a smartphone is placed incorrectly on a wireless charging stand.

Considering that wireless chargers are becoming more and more popular, it is very important that Google includes such an innovation in the new generation operating system. Limited to only Pixel devices, Android 11 offers many new innovations, such as the initial developer preview, built-in screen recorder, dark mode timing, ignoring notifications during video, Bluetooth use in airplane mode, and allowing one-time access to apps.


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