Android 11 will confuse the internet!


Google has updated the features overview page it has prepared for Android 11, where it continues its development process.

When we look at the icons, we can say that it will cause confusion while informing the users. Because 4G connection is defined by two, 5G connection is defined by three different symbols and does not mean that these technologies are used directly.

Android 11 internet icons revealed
The best example of this is the “5Ge” icon. When connected to a network using LTE Advanced Pro technology, the 5Ge icon will appear on the device. Although this technology promises speeds of up to 3 Gbps, it is the advanced version of LTE Advanced technology, not 5G.

AT&T, one of the largest GSM operators, tried to name the LTE Advanced network as 5Ge by 2018. It was seen this way even on iPhones, but this was not welcomed and even a lawsuit was filed against him. Real new generation connections, namely 5G technology will be defined as 5G and 5G +.

The expressions that Android 11 will display according to the type of cellular connections are as follows;

LTE – standard 4G
LTE + – 4G with carrier assembly
5Ge – LTE Advanced Pro
Under 5G – NR – 6 GHz
5G + – mmWave

What do you think about Android 11 internet icons? We are waiting your comments…


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