Android 11: update is causing problems in the OnePlus 7


Android 11: OnePlus released the Android 11 update for OnePlus 7 and 7T phones in March, but not everyone was happy with the update. According to reports published in online forums over the past few months, the new version of the system has caused problems for some users.

While the update brought new features to mobile phones, the experience became unstable and problematic, according to reports shared on Reddit and the OnePlus forum. Problems range from crashes to excessive use of cell phone resources.

One of the most common complaints is battery drainage. After the installation of Android 11, the autonomy of smartphones has dropped considerably. “The system is using more battery than necessary and providing only 4 hours of use on a full charge,” reports a user on the company’s forum.

Overheating and gaming problems

In addition to battery life, cell phones in the OnePlus 7 line are also experiencing performance problems. Some users reported that smartphones started to heat up more than conventional after the Android 11 update.

Performance problems are also noticeable when playing on smartphones. Some users have reported sharp drops in the frame rate during gameplay, in addition to problems with the fluidity of the interface.


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