Android 11 receives unprecedented screen capture tool [video]


A report by a Reddit user demonstrated part of the new Android 11 screen capture mechanism. Before covered by lines of code within the operating system, the feature is apparently being enabled gradually among users of the test program.

Google has been receiving demands for an update to the screen capture system for some time. So far, the versions closest to Google’s Android present the capture as a notification, in a somewhat plastered system for adding markings, drawing or requiring the use of another editing app.

New Screenshot UI

Both the Reddit user and the 9to5 Google staff – who unraveled the system files – found a tool with similar behavior. In it, the capture is made, taken to the lower left corner of the screen and, when clicking on the “edit” option, the user is redirected to a rudimentary editing app – with tools for drawing, rotation and marking.

Still, both noted the absence of the capture extension function – which allows for capturing off-screen areas. Therefore, it is likely that Google is still working on the tool to add more options.

Fortunately, the presence of this feature is confirmation that Android will receive more interesting tools for handling screen capture. What did you think of the news? Comment!

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