Android 11 Officially Released for Google Pixel Devices


Google has released Android 11, the new version of the mobile operating system. However, the company first shipped the new version of the operating system to Google Pixel users. Almost all Pixel models received the Android 11 update.

Google released Android 11, the new version of Android, the most popular operating system in the mobile operating system world. However, the technology giant has given priority to Pixel users, who have their own phones with the new version of the operating system.

Developed by adding many new features on top of Android 10, Android 11 was released for almost all Pixel devices. The only Pixel model that could not get the new version of the mobile operating system was the original Pixel model that was released in October 2016.

What’s new with Android 11

With Android 11, the main focus of Google was to improve the usability of smartphones using Android with fine adjustments in the user interface, to make communication easier by grouping the notifications from the messaging application, the system-wide messaging bubble system where applications can benefit and give the user direct access from the phone’s power menu.

In addition, with Android 11, new privacy and security mechanisms are offered to users. New mechanisms allow you to prevent unlimited access of the applications you install on your phone or tablet to the hardware. Another change made by Google in this regard was in the permission protocol. Thanks to the new permission protocol, you will be able to allow applications to access your microphone, camera or location data only once. When you open the app again later, it will ask you again for permission to access them.

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Of course, although Google Pixel devices were the first to buy Android 11, it will find its way to other smartphones. OnePlus will be one of the first third-party companies to acquire Android 11. There is currently no exact date for when this update will arrive on other phones. However, these are expected to be announced in the next few days.


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