Android 11 is growing faster than previous versions


Android 11 is Google’s update with the fastest adoption rate over previous versions of the software. According to data from StatCounter, more than 20% of smartphones in the United States are running the latest version of Android.

StatCounter says the software has almost surpassed Android 9 in market share and is expected to move even further. Data from the United Kingdom and Canada show the same growth.

In a global context, however, the most used system remains Android 10, with more than 41% of the market. The version is at the top of the European and Asian continents. Still, the increase in the North American market is a good indicator for Google, which has partnered with Qualcomm to ensure that the update is faster and easier for manufacturers.

It is important to note that the figures released are not official, since the software’s disclosure data is hidden in Android Studio. Google is expected to reveal Android 11 statistics in the coming years, just as it did last year with System 10.


At the end of 2020, Google had already released a chart showing that the new version broke the record and became the company’s fastest-distributed update. The explanation consists of the included improvements, such as Project Treble, Mainline and GSI, which facilitate the deployment of updates by manufacturers.


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