Android 11: eleven news of the definitive version


Oh this 2020 that just was not canceled on Twitter because there is no way. In February we showed you here on TudoCelular the version for Android 11 developers. Many new features, a little different face for the system, many promises.

Promises even to see everything on Google I / O that would happen in May. Yes, it would happen, because it is September and it has been completely canceled. Then the crazy Google launches the final version of Android 11 from nothing, it releases without any party.

Not funny, I know, but we have already installed it here and showed you what happened, what didn’t arrive, anyway, come with us here at

Let’s talk about the main highlights first, the things that will jump in front of you when you have a smartphone with Android 11, in about three years. Just kidding, two years.

Notifications are tidier. Now, your conversations are right at the beginning of the list, grouped in one area, so you don’t get lost in the rest. You can choose only the most important ones, such as family members, a friend and, keeping the conversation close, select Priority.

The conversation with the person will appear in the top photo bar, appears at the top of the list and can appear as a balloon. Yes, balloons like those of Facebook Messenger, somewhat uncomfortable but yes, they make the conversation stand out. You also “balloon” the conversation on the small square button in the notification.

Google had talked about responding to conversations straight from the notification with more features, but that didn’t arrive.

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Highlight also for media. If you have so much notification that you need to keep rolling dozens until you find the music player that is playing, down there, Android 11 made your life easier.

The music player is now above all notifications, in the same area as shortcuts, in an area below them. Like the shortcuts, it appears reduced in a first pull, and more complete in a second pull, with the right to a button to choose where the music will be played. The same menu is on the lock screen.

Touching it, a lower menu appears, where you can control the volume or take advantage of it and choose a new source for the sound, including pairing a new Bluetooth device.

But that meant that the shortcuts now have only two lines, not three as before. The space between them is already huge, so now we see only six at a time, and that should hinder the use on larger, increasingly popular screens.


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