Android 11 Developer Preview 2.1 has been released!


Google recently released Android 11 Developer Preview. The Android 11 Developer Preview 2.1 update has been released today. The company has not announced yet about the new Android version, which is scheduled to be introduced at the Google I / O event canceled due to the Corona virus.

Android 11 Developer Preview 2.1 update released
Although Android 11 Developer Preview has innovative features, end users are not recommended to install this version. The release of Developer Preview is because developers want to adapt to the new Android version faster and use it in applications where they will develop new features.

The company, which released Developer Preview 2 in the past weeks, has added several new features to the operating system as well as bug fixes. Making various changes to the notification panel, Google has added a new feature for users to see past notifications.

The Android 11 Developer Preview 2.1 update, released on April 2, 2020 with the code RPP2.200227.014, contains several bug fixes.

Fixed the crash issue on the status bar when starting the components. Fixed the visual bugs caused by SystemUI while browsing the apps. The crashing issue occurred when pressing for a long time to examine the applications running in the background. Fixed an issue causing the feature to crash.

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