Android 11 camera will prevent filters from modifying faces


Google wants to prevent filters that change the appearance of faces with the new camera API update on Android 11. Camera API Behavior v.7.5.4 makes sure that the camera software hardware and API do not change human faces before and during captures in the native app.

Devices with Android 11 “must ensure that the appearance of the face is not altered, this is not limited to facial geometry, color or skin smoothing”. Caught by the SlashGear website, the rule is not yet in effect in the Camera API but should be inserted soon.

Apparently, Google is trying to hinder the path to making photographs. Cases like the fake deepfake journalist demonstrate how artificial intelligence is achieving dangerous quality. Having the freedom to modify faces at the time of capture facilitates the creation of fake people who can end up being used for fake social media profiles, scams, and more.

This change should impact directly on cell phones that enable “facial beautification” by default in the camera software. These beautifying filters usually smooth the skin and minimize imperfections, so they go against the new API update guidelines.

However, they can circumvent the standards imposed by Google if they are not working together with the company to use Android 11. Huawei, for example, which works with the open-source version of the system, can continue with its camera filters without further problems.

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In addition, the camera API does not affect edits made after capture. Photo editing software – both on the desktop and on the phone – will still be able to modify human faces the way they want. Therefore, photos will not be protected from this type of change.

If you are a developer and are interested in understanding the API rules, check directly from the Google website. In addition to being a major change, it is important to adapt apps under development for Android 11 in this Beta 2, considering that Google guarantees that there will be no more changes until launch.


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