Android 11 Beta Release Date Announced


Google shared a brand new piece of information about the beta version of Android 11, the new version of the mobile operating system. The company announced that the beta of Android 11 will be released on June 3. There will also be a special YouTube broadcast to the beta.

The software giant Google made a silent update on the Android 11 page on the developer site. Google has announced the beta version of the new version of the mobile operating system with the update.

According to Stat Counter data, the beta of the new version of Android, which has 70.68% of the mobile operating systems market as of April 2020, will be released on June 3. The software giant, which also wants to close the gap of the Google I / O event it organized in May, will make a special broadcast on Android on June 3, called The Beta Launch Show.

The Beta Launch Show:

News, developments and announcements to be shared by the Android team at Google’s I / O event will be shared in The Beta Launch Show. Google’s I / O activity was canceled just like many major events due to the coronavirus outbreak affecting the whole world.

As far as can be seen from the video you can watch from above, there will be a question / answer section in The Beta Launch Show. Android Vice President Dave Burken and Product Management Senior Director Stephanie Cuthbertson will answer questions from viewers. According to the information shared from the Android Developers official Twitter account, questions asked using the #AskAndroid tag will be discussed during the broadcast.

This is what is known about the publication for now. The beta version of Android 11 was expected to be released in May, but apparently there was a little sagging in the calendar. Of course, if we consider the current situation of the world, we can say that this is quite normal. So what features do you want to come with Android 11? You can share the features you want to come with in the comments section.


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