Android 11 beta available now, major changes


Google has already released the latest beta of its new operating system, Android 11, now the notification system had changes

Today’s news tells us that Google has released the latest beta version of Android 11, which means that the final version is getting closer and closer, and this time the changes that we can see with respect to Android 10 are quite a few.

This latest beta of Android 11 includes endless improvements and bug fixes, but several changes are also coming, this version being the third beta of the operating system and it was released a month after the second beta.

Without a doubt, the biggest change that can be seen in the new beta version of Android is the notification system that has been modified, which will automatically obtain the location configuration permissions in the apps that require it, which means that the user you would not have to do the manual process and you can use these applications immediately after installation.

Android 11 closer to its stable version

This particular exception is for exposure notification apps only, all other Android apps will need to be manually assigned location permissions, otherwise they won’t be able to track a user’s current location, which is important for many apps like travel. in taxi, navigation applications, hotel apps and the like, in order to guarantee that no app can misuse the permission and secretly track the user’s location.

In the blog post, Google recommends that all app and game developers finish testing them for Android 11, which will allow correcting any errors that may still be there and finalizing the first version of the apps.

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In this way, Google seeks to ensure that the apps work on devices that operate with the stable version of Android 11 from day one and that users do not have to wait for any particular update.


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