Android 11: Beta 3, using location to track COVID-19


Google has just released the third beta of Android 11 for Pixel smartphones. The update arrives without major news, considering that we are already close to the launch of the final version, with this update aimed at stability improvements, bug fixes and application optimizations. by developers. The system had already reached its stability phase with the arrival of the second beta.

Android 11 Beta 3 already allows applications to target the new API 30, which includes the main features to debut with the new version of the robot through Android Studio, including notification bubbles, better Home integration and more. For users, there are no major additions, the only one being announced is a review of the use of location features by applications that make use of the Exposure Notifications API, developed in a partnership between Apple and Google to track the progress of COVID-19.

Now, using the feature will not require location features to be enabled, specifically in apps aimed at tracking the disease, depending only on Bluetooth. This solves part of the privacy-related issues, with Google guaranteed that it will not be possible to infer the location in this way. Unfortunately, the novelty ends up being quite restricted, considering that adoption to Android 11 should still be quite slow.

The update is being made available gradually to users of the Pixel family through the OTA system, with the system images already being present on the Google website. It is worth remembering, however, that installation is not recommended on your main device, as it is still testing software.

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