Android 11, A Feature That ‘Freezes’ Background Apps


The existence of a new feature for Android 11 has appeared. This feature allows freezing of self-running applications in the background. In this way, it seems that Android 11 users will encounter much longer usage times.

One of the biggest problems of smartphones is batteries. Developing technologies make the increase in battery capacity a necessity, but the general structure of the phones does not allow the battery capacity to exceed a certain level. At this point, software support comes into play, and Google seems to be working on a new feature for phones that will work with Android 11.

The new feature Google prepared for Android 11 was first noticed by a Reddit user who owns Pixel 3. Later, the XDA platform officials announced that such a feature does indeed exist and that it was even activated on some Pixel 4 devices. With the start of the distribution of the Android 11 operating system, many devices will have this feature.

New feature of Android 11 “freezes” background apps

In fact, this feature showed itself in the second beta version of Android 11. At that time, the feature included in the source code seems to be available now. The information transmitted by the Reddit user states that the feature in question is turned on by default. However, users who wish can turn off this feature and continue normal use.

This feature does not seem to be preferred for flagship Android phone users. Because an application frozen with such a feature may take time when it is desired to reopen. However, it seems that especially consumers who use budget-friendly or mid-segment devices will be able to achieve longer usage times by freezing applications. All the details and advantages of the feature will come to light with the release of Android 11 on devices that support it.

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