Android 10 requirement for updates from Google


After Google’s newly announced decision, Android 10 is now targeted for new application updates. After this decision, which will become mandatory as of August 3, developers have to target Android 10 and higher versions for new applications and application updates. Android 10 update decision from Google!

Google sets lower limit for Android 10 update

You know, Android 10, which is a stable version on the Android side, is still not available to most phones. Google, on the other hand, made a new decision for applications in the Google Play Store beyond this situation. Google is mandating Android 10 and API level 29 and above (an application programming interface as well as a computing interface that defines interactions between multiple software agents) to update for new updates and applications.

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There are millions of Android users, as well as many different models and phones. As such, it becomes very difficult to set a certain standard. According to Google, in order to update devices easier and faster, Project Treble ensures that Android 10 is the fastest updated version.

In addition to this decision, Google offered support to application developers with Android 10 and support for features such as 5G and dark mode theme, which are now supported on many flagship phones. After this decision aimed at the developers, Android 10 becomes mandatory and is important in developing and stabilizing applications.


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