Android 10 coming to Nintendo Switch


The Android 10 update has arrived for the Switch, the game console manufactured by Nintendo. Although the update is unofficial, it allows streaming services such as Netflix and Twitch to run apps in the Google Play Store.

Nintendo Switch gets Android 10 support

The Android 10 update brought by the developer team called Switchroot will be available only for certain Switch models in the first place. The update, from the team that first brought the Android operating system to the console, allows Joy-Con sticks to operate as matching analog sticks instead of eight-way D-pads. Also with the update came support for Wi-Fi, promising fewer disconnections.

The real reason for adding Android to a Switch is to be able to play Switch productions made available by Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and PSP emulators on the Play Store for free. But besides that, getting other Play Store games or apps like Spotify is a plus of the update. In addition, since you install an operating system with a microSD, you are not deprived of the game switching feature.

On the other hand, problems such as games built for Nvidia Shield not working are seen as the cons of the update. The innovations brought by the update are:

  • OTA updates
  • Full Joy-Con and Pro Controller support with analog sticks and rails
  • Horizontal Joy-Con support
  • Deep sleep mode that can last for weeks
  • Android TV based structure
  • Reworked fan profiles for quieter operation
  • Resolution scaling optimized slot support
  • A rewritten charger driver that supports USB-PD and third-party docking stations
  • Optimized touch screen driver
  • Easier installation with Hecate division tool
  • Simpler power profiles
  • Much more advanced Wi-Fi driver with less downtime
  • Shield TV remote application support for easy on-board control
  • Improved Bluetooth accessory support
  • Autorotation support

You can watch the video on how to install the Android 10 update below.


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