Andrey Mangold and Annika Jung’s first date was unsuccessful!


Andrey Mangold (35) made a mistake on the first date with Annika Jung! The former bachelor revealed his new relationship a few weeks ago: Annie, the new woman on his side, is an influential person and director of customer service at the TV channel. In September, they appeared together for the first time on the red carpet. Andrey made a decent mistake when he executed Annie for the first time!

In the opposite picture, Annie says that the first date with Andrey did not go so well. “He invited me to a wonderful steakhouse until I told him that I was a vegetarian,” the beauty recalls. Then the heartbreaker turned bright red. Fortunately, the kitchen was able to come up with a vegetarian dish.

Despite the initial difficulties, Andrey and Annie are now a very happy couple. “Everything has been developing very well and I am very happy,” the 35—year-old enthusiastically said just a few days ago in an interview with RTL.


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