Andrew Tate’s Lawyer Speaks Out and Claims There Is “No Evidence” of Rape and Human Trafficking Allegations


A lawyer representing the Tate brothers after their arrest in Romania as part of a human trafficking investigation made a statement to the Romanian press. He spoke about the circumstances of the detention and charges of human trafficking, rape and organized crime.

Tate and his brother Tristan were arrested after a search of their home on December 29. Initially detained for 24 hours, this period was extended to 30 days, and both men, as well as two women who were also arrested, remain in custody.

The appeal of this 30-day detention should be considered in court on January 10, their lawyer Yevgeny Vidineak said. The following quotes were given in Romanian and translated.

In an interview with the Romanian edition of Gandul, Vidineak said that the Tate brothers “turned from witnesses into suspects and from suspects into defendants on the evening of December 29, 2022.”

He said that this caused a number of logistical problems for his defense team, explaining that “we, as defense lawyers, had the opportunity to study the materials of the criminal case 45 minutes before the hearing […], which numbered more than 100 pages.”

Andrew Tate’s lawyer on the rape accusation: “There is no evidence”

The rape accusation was filed by a woman from Moldova, Gandul reports. When asked about this part of the investigation, Vidineak said that “there is no evidence” other than the victim’s statement.

The lawyer clarified that two charges of rape were being brought against one of the Tate brothers, but did not specify which one of them.

“We stay day and night to be able to piece together the elements of the charges brought by the prosecutor,” Vidineak said. “There is not a single piece of evidence, except for the victim’s statement, which would lead to the idea that any crime in the form of rape was committed.”

Lawyer Tate: There is no evidence of human trafficking or organized crime
As for the other charges, Vidineak also claims that there is no evidence of human trafficking or organized crime.

“From my point of view, there is no evidence there either, and I am talking about evidence that by itself or directly leads to the formation of an opinion about a reasonable suspicion of committing acts provided for and punishable by criminal law. In this case, we are talking about human trafficking and an organized criminal group.”

The Tate brothers were “scared” in court and did not understand the charges

The lawyer also clarified that the Tate brothers did not understand the translation given in court, and that the defense asked to bring a new translator.

“The Tate brothers made it clear several times that they did not understand the translation and looked rather scared at the defense, asking: what is going on, what is it about?

“I have intervened twice, both myself and my colleague Adrian Sandulescu, to ask the court to replace the interpreter, since the defendants do not fully or even generally understand the charges against them.”

After that, the meeting was held in English at the request of the court.

Tate’s “character” on social media

Concluding the interview, the lawyer also spoke about the presence of Andrew Tate on social networks and recent publications.

“I would like to say something else,” Vidineak said. “This is a question supported by my clients, what I personally believe, they made me believe — the difference between character and personality.

“We live in the reality of 2023, when different people promote themselves as characters on social networks, promoting an image, a product, an idea.”

He continued: “Maybe, yes, a person creates a reprehensible, immoral image on social networks, and I, as an ordinary citizen, could say: sir, leave me alone, because I saw a post X or Y in TikTok or, I know, on Instagram, I changed my mind, made absolutely bad opinion. And I can have maximum disappointment in my own belief that when I meet a person in reality, I see that he is a better person, with stable, firm moral principles.

“Now, in the case of the Tate brothers, I do not know what their intention was to promote themselves on social media, but I have to wonder: can this intention on social media serve as evidence in a criminal case?”

The next court hearing will be held on January 10, 2023.


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