Andrew Tate Responds to Tru Geordie’s “Islamophobic” Response to Refute Rumors


Scandalous social media star Andrew Tate has responded to YouTuber True Geordie’s “Islamophobic” comments made amid rumors of a fight between them.

After hundreds of Andrew Tate’s controversial comments spread across the Internet, British YouTube blogger and podcast host Tru Geordie said he would “definitely” punch him in the face if the opportunity presented itself.

There were rumors that the two would eventually step into the ring and discuss it, and since then, the two of them have been going back and forth several times, casting a shadow on each other. While Andrew claimed that he would fight the True Geordie and KSI in one night, nothing has come of it since, and rumors of a potential fight have subsided.

However, the situation has since escalated again, as during a recent podcast on November 6, the True Geordie took aim at Andrew’s religion after he had recently converted to Islam.

A fan asked the popular YouTuber if he would fight Andrew Tate, to which he replied in a manner that many found shocking.

The YouTuber and his co-host ridiculed the kickboxing champion, claiming that he would have no chance in the ring with Tate because “God is on his side” after his conversion to religion.

True Geordie continued with comments that critics considered “racist”, creating a stereotype that Andrew should “blow himself up” and prove how committed he is to Islam.

Andrew Tate Responds to the Real Geordie

Responding to a British YouTuber, Tate made a frightening response, claiming that a True Geordie would deal with the consequences of insulting the entire religion.

“There are very few people that I personally don’t like, one of them is a True Geordie,” he said. “He’s very offensive, fat, vulgar, he’s a jerk and an unpleasant person. He’s not very smart, he’s stupid.

“Now that I have converted to Islam, he made a message in one of his podcasts that I was wrong in my conversion, and then insulted all Muslims. Making fucking racist comments about an entire religion like it’s funny. Let me tell you something, my friend, and a true Geordie, if you’re watching this, it’s a message directly to you. There are times in life when you need to know when to shut up.”

Tate continued: “But insulting my religion and the religion of billions of people all over the damn planet, making ignorant jokes about blowing ourselves up, thinking that it would have no consequences, you will understand very quickly, my friend, that was a mistake.”

Fans React to True Geordie’s “Islamophobic” Comments

It didn’t take long for the real Geordie to face a negative reaction to the comments he made.

“Being an Islamophobe, perpetuating harmful stereotypes on a public platform and laughing at it is completely ridiculous, especially for a person with such a big platform as he has,” one viewer wrote. “Anyone who says something like that shouldn’t be presenting a scene.”

“What a mean speech. They are actors, and sometimes their true selves are revealed,” one fan remarked.

“It was an unsuccessful attempt at a joke to show my disgust for Andrew Tate, however, this is unacceptable and TrueGeordieTG should apologize as soon as possible and clarify the situation,” said another.


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