Andrew Tate Replied That South Park Was Mocking Him in a Recent Episode


Controversial influencer Andrew Tate posted a response to a recent episode of South Park in which he ridiculed him and his stance on the topic of masculinity.

South Park is known for its celebrity parodies, both mainstream and internet celebrities, and Andrew Tate is no exception.

In a recent episode, Stan’s father, Randy, met a man named Alonzo Fineski who looked and behaved just like Tate in order to “fight the messages that the liberal left is sending to young people.”

“I’m trying to show my son and his nerdy friend what a real party is, because society wants them to be ashamed of their masculine nature,” Randy explained, as a result of which Deputy Tate agreed to invite friends.

Andrew Tate wants to make “The Greatest South Park Episode” in History

Since Andrew Tate and his brother Tristian are still in custody on suspicion of human trafficking, rape and forming an organized criminal group, the duo still found out about the parody through social media.

In response to the clip, Tate stated that he wants to work with South Park as soon as his “innocence is proven.”

“I’m looking forward to helping create the greatest South Park episode of all time,” he said.

While it’s unclear if this means he’ll go on the show himself or let his alleged innocence organically become the theme of the show, this isn’t the first time Tate has referenced pop culture.

Earlier, the influential man said that he wanted to create a show about relationships in the style of Judge Judy, where couples would come to him with their problems, and he would make a decision about who is right.

However, it remains unknown whether Tate will ever get a chance to be in South Park or continue his planned TV shows, as he remains in custody for now.


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