Andrew Tate Plans to Create a Charitable Foundation to Protect Men From False Accusations


Controversial Internet star Andrew Tate plans to found a charity to protect men from false accusations.

On December 29, Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan, as well as two other individuals Georgiana Nagel and Luana Radu were arrested on charges of alleged human trafficking and organized crime.

Authorities searched their home in Bucharest, and numerous assets such as cars, including Andrew’s infamous Bugatti Chiron, were confiscated.

After their arrest, their detention was extended twice. Meanwhile, the Tate brothers claim there is no evidence to support their alleged crimes. The couple is kept at least until February 27.

Now Andrew has unveiled his plans to donate $100 million to a charity that will protect men from false accusations.

Andrew Tate plans to Donate $100 million to Charity

In a tweet dated February 5, the controversial social media star said that he had updated his will from prison, where he would donate $100 million to start his own charity.

The charity will seek to protect men from false accusations against them.

“I updated my will from prison,” he said. “I will donate 100 million to charity to protect men from false accusations.”

Tate fans have demonstrated their support for the new initiative: at the time of writing, the tweet has collected more than 170 thousand likes. “What a wonderful initiative. We need this to happen,” one fan wrote.

Currently, the detention of Tate’s brother has not been extended, which means that the couple should be released on February 27. However, we will keep you informed of any news about their detention as they become available.


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