Andrew Tate Lost His Temper After One Ross Played Him an Absurd Cosplay


Andrew Tate lost his cool after Adin Ross played a prank on him by pretending he shaved his head before calling Tate at Discord.

Over the past few months, Twitch star Adin Ross has gradually become acquainted with the scandalous influencer Andrew Tate.

Having received various bans on social media during 2022, Andrew Tate is known for his “Top G” mentality along with the Hustlers University online course.

During a recent live call to Discord, Andrew Tate lost his temper after Adin Ross pranked him by acting as if he had shaved his head—only to reveal it was a bald cap.

Andrew Tate confused after drawing Adin Ross

During the stream, Adin called Andrew via Discord, wearing a bald cap and smoking a cigar.

— Adin, you know what? You’re G. Officially. You moved from the world of shit on the internet and now you’re a gangsta,” Andrew said. — You kept your word, shaved your head properly. You have the right aesthetic.”

However, the compliments did not last long, as Adin began to take off his bald head to show his lush hair, and mentioned that he would shave his head on January 1, 2023.

— So you’re not a G, are you Adin? Tate replied. “I thought you were a gangster, but it turned out that you are a dork in a cap… Who cares about January 1, it’s forever. By then, the matrix can get you.

It’s unknown if Adin will actually shave his head in the New Year, so we’ll have to wait to see what happens when the time comes.

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