Andrew Tate Has Reportedly Been Arrested For human Trafficking After Posting a Rant About Greta Thunberg.


It is reported that Andrew Tate was arrested today (December 29) in Romania for human trafficking after posting a video in response to Greta Thunberg.

Earlier this week, the former Big Brother contestant, anti-feminist and far-right commentator tried to provoke a dispute with the climate activist on Twitter by posting a photo of him refueling a Bugatti and showing off his cars in the caption. “This is just the beginning,” he added. “Please provide your email address so that I can send a complete list of my collection of cars and their huge emissions.”

Thunberg replied to him: “Yes, please enlighten me. Write to me at [email protected] “.

After another tweet Tate didn’t get a response from Thunberg, he posted a strange video message that reportedly helped secure his arrest. According to the Romanian newspaper Gândul, Tate and his brother Tristan were arrested in Bucharest and will be detained for 24 hours. A former policewoman accused of involvement in alleged human trafficking has also been arrested.

Gandul also said that the authorities were waiting for the Tate brothers to return to Romania, where they live, and their presence on social networks announced that they were in the country today. There have been suggestions on social media that the pizza box in Tate’s video message to Thunberg could be needed by the police to prove that he is in Romania, although this has yet to be confirmed.

The newspaper reported that in April, the US embassy in the country received a complaint that a woman with American citizenship was being held in the Tate house without consent. It claimed that the authorities found out that the couple had a video chat studio 500 meters from their villa, where several women were later found.

Among them were a woman with American citizenship and a woman from Moldova, who claimed that they were being held against their will. However, during an interview with Tucker Carlson of Fox Nation, Andrew Tate stated that he was the victim of “swatting” — the act when people make false phone calls reporting serious crimes in order to send armed police forces to someone’s house.

“I wasn’t arrested,” Tate said. “It so happened that I suffered from a case of swatting. It is very popular among people who are well versed in the Internet.

“[The police] arrived, conducted an investigation, realized that no one was in the house against their will, there was no crime […] we had to go to the police station for 45 minutes to get papers, we filled them out and we were released.”


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