Andrew Tate Criticized Logan Paul For Supporting The KSI Boxing Tournament


Andrew Tate made verbal criticism of Logan Paul on Twitter after the YouTube star publicly congratulated KSI on his successful boxing match last weekend.

KSI Misfits Boxing continues its successful work with DAZN, as they teamed up for another crowded boxing event for influencers on November 19.

There were fights on the map between professional boxer Hasim Rahman Jr. and NFL quarterback turned UFC fighter Greg Hardy, YouTubers FaZe Temperrr and Overtflow, and even streamers Ice Poseidon and Brandon Buckingham.

Logan Paul, who attended the event, publicly congratulated his business partner PRIME Hydration on hosting the event in a heartfelt tweet.

“These MISFITS X DAZN fights are incredibly interesting,” Paul wrote. “Hasim showed real strength tonight, and Dean did a great job with an amazing comeback. Congratulations on another important event, KSI.”

Andrew Tate criticized Logan Paul for attending KSI Boxing Event

While Logan’s complimentary post was well received by most, one Twitter user disagreed with the tweet—inflammatory Internet personality Andrew Tate.

Tate responded to Paul on Twitter with a quote criticizing the famous YouTuber for apparently supporting his brother’s rival rather than his own flesh and blood… and even called the post a “crime against God.”

“Why don’t you support your biological brother’s events the same way you support the person who insults him?” Tate swore. “Is this man INSULTING your BROTHER?”

“This is a crime against God. You turn on your own blood, Logan, as you turn on freedom of speech and humanity as an agent of the matrix.”


That’s not all; in a previous post, Tate called Logan’s friendship with KSI “haram,” posting photos of the two stars next to a shot from the movie “Brokeback Mountain.”


At this point, Logan has yet to respond to Tate, who is rumored to be dating face-to-face with Jake Paul after they’ve dated each other twice in the past few weeks.


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